Truck mounted equipment works best for carpets rugs and upholstery.

The reason for claiming our company Carpet Cleaning Leigh On sea offer the best because that we use truck mounted equipment and none of the other methods used for servicing carpets rugs or upholstery come close in terms of performance, rapid drying times and from our point of view efficiency. This system is completely self sufficient, it is a set up in the van, that carry's its own purified water that is heated by the machine as it meters eco friendly chemicals precisely as needed via a solution hose to the tools the the operator will use to work with in your home and the soiled water is returned via another hose using the very powerful airflow that the truck mount generates to another holding tank in the van, this means minimal disruption in terms of what equipment you have in your home and no need to use your electric or hot water a much better system all round and our clients agree judging by their testimonials. This approach towards cleaning is suitable for 99.9% of the soft furnishings we encounter. Our preference is to use eco friendly chemicals but on the occasional heavily soiled item a stronger chemical may have to be used where necessary but we will always give good honest advice in this regard always putting your interests first rather than ours.

specialists in restoring pure wool oriental rugs to their former glory.

Carpet Cleaners Leigh on Sea have cleaned rugs of all makes shapes and sizes ranging from the modern pure wool rug with their vibrant colours and patterns to an oriental rug that cost 250,000 measuring 32ft by 18ft in the home of an arab prince and must say nothing gives you greater pleasure than seeing a chinese or indian rug being restored to its former glory and this is where the truck mount comes into its own with the extra power that it has enabling the rugs to be worked with out over wetting them. Some of the more delicate rugs we come across have to be cleaned using a solvent process but the results are still worth the effort please see the aaron cleaners Equipment page for more info on the various different approaches towards maintaining your home furnishings.

Scotch guard 3m and fabric seal stain proofing treatments for carpets rugs and upholstery.

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