Professional eco friendly allergy safe carpet rug and upholstery cleaning.

The subject of being eco friendly and allergy safe is of keen interest to me and has been since I started carpet cleaning. I have been suffering from eczema since childhood and certain chemicals used in our industry exacerbated the condition while others seemed to be just fine. Very quickly I was able to establish that the main culprits were derivatives of the petrol chemical industry, whilst the ones I got no reaction to were often organic and plant based. The cost was often prohibitive but one could work on carpets and rugs with out the often debilitating flair ups that were caused when using the harsher agents our profession used. It has to be said that the earlier green chemicals did not work too well so you would often have to reach a compromise of using the harsher products to achieve what you were getting paid for namely cleaning the upholstery and this would always risk a skin flair up! Over the last 10 years though public demand has forced a rethink in the industry and there are now several companies offering chemicals that are not just eco friendly but could be described as allergy safe and of course we favour using these. This has brought many benefits to us as a business including the respect of clients who either suffer themselves or have family members or pets who suffer from allergies or skin problems and I do have a very important aid in this regard in that my father has run a very successful allergy clinic at the Aaron Allergy Centre for the last seven years so I am constantly being informed of the latest developments in this field.