Cleaning upholstery and 3 piece suites.

Our approach towards cleaning upholstery has been built on the experience of servicing thousands of suites for clients locally and across the county, no training course, boasting letters to your name or accreditations to an organisation can prepare you for the different variables you come across when working on all the different fabrics you encounter on 3 piece suites. I worked with my father for 3 years before he let me work alone on upholstery and our track record of success is evident by the fantastic repeat business we receive and the extremely favourable rates we have obtained on our public and product liability Insurance, for what is generally considered a high risk business, the client testimonials also speak volumes. Upholstery Cleaners Leigh On Sea undertake all types of fabric including dralon, cotton prints, cottage suites chintz, velour, nubuck, and leather using eco friendly allergy safe chemicals.

Truck mounted upholstery cleaning raises the standard.

Upholstery also benefits from truck mount equipment in that it simply cleans up much better and materials dry far quicker, don't believe what some cleaners say to the contrary who are still using portable machines they simply cannot compete and the cost of the equipment may have something to do with it, our machine cost over £15000 so while would we invest all that money in one machine when we could buy 8 portable machines for the same money. It is simple truck mount is the best method for cleaning most suites, the remaining small percentage may need to be worked on with mineral solvents, please see this site for further info on the different approaches towards cleaning fabrics and some of the associated problems.

We specialise in leather furniture

Then there is the ever popular leather that needs to be hand cleaned using a range of eco friendly agents and leather conditioners, we have built up quite a level of expertise in this area over the years and can also recommend a company that specialise in leather restoration if you so require.