Frequently asked questions.

Q. One of the most frequent questions asked is do we have to move all the furniture out of the room?

A. It is all part of the service we offer to move furniture around as we work placing the same back with protection if necessary for items like table and chair legs that may pose a problem where they could possibly stain if placed on a damp carpet. A degree of discretion has to be applied to heavy furniture like dressers and wardrobes when they are full, even some beds present problems because of their weight but this is normally discussed when making the booking we like to be as accommodating as possible.

Q. How long does it take for my carpets and upholstery to dry and can we walk on them while they are damp.

A. The truck mounted system that we use gives the fastest drying times on carpets without a shadow of doubt but their are some variables like length of pile, degree of soilage but generally most carpets are touch dry in less than an hour but may still be damp so it is advisable to make sure your footwear is suitable and walking on the same will be fine. When cleaning upholstery again depending on the material you generally have to allow a longer drying period I have often cleaned suites and the first Item worked on feels dry to the touch before I have finished the last chair, but its the airing time that is the problem so being realistic we quote 24 hours but it is not unusual for clients to say they sat on the suite the same day it was done.

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